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Job Opening
Department/Office: Kinghorne Limited Office at Nairobi
Posting Period: 09 April 2020 – 07 May 2020
Job Opening Number: 20-Administration-KLON-3301-R-Nairobi (X)
Staffing Exercise N/A

Kinghorne Limited Core Values: Professionalism, Integrity, Customer Service

Organisational Setting and Reporting
Kinghorne is co-operating with startups, SMEs, corporates, government agencies, non-profits and individuals work more efficiently through the analysis of huge chunks of both structured and unstructured data to achieve higher operational mileage, predict future market demands, productive innovations and macroeconomic sustainability for optimal customer, staff and shareholder value. The Kinghorne Limited Office at Nairobi (KLON) is the Kinghorne Limited headquarters in Africa and the representative office of the Secretary-General. Kinghorne supports impact value chain assessment based on data innovation and sustainability worldwide, as well as other Kinghorne offices in Kenya, by planning applications for new wind, solar and bioenergy projects aimed at boosting a convention and leadership centre, an innovation and botanical garden, drug manufacturing, university of life science college of pharmacy as well as research specializing in the development of treatment against cancer, antibody-based therapies, treatment of rare illnesses, prophylactic vaccines, online learning, online data science experiments and management centre ( The position is located in the Health Unit Bureau (HUB) at Nairobi Human Resources Management Service (HRMS). Under the direct supervision of the Executive Vice President (EVP) Sales and Marketing, the incumbent will perform the following duties:

  1. General Administrative Functions: Prepares, processes and follow-up on administrative arrangements and forms related to the official travel of staff; Drafts routine correspondence; Maintains up-to-date work section files and updates files of rules, regulations, administrative instructions and other related documentations; Coordinates extensively with service units and liaises frequently with internal teams.
  2. Procurement functions: Requisition for goods and services; records variation, updates budget tables; Consolidates data received and provides support to higher-level staff with respect to budget expenditure; Reviews status of relevant expenditures and compare with approved budgets; Processes paperwork of payments to vendors before submission to Finance. Monitors the stock level for supplies and initiates requisition. Assists in the data compilation and analysis for purposes of billing. Prepares standard reports.
  3. Human Resources Functions: Initiates, processes, monitors, reviews and follows-up on actions related to the administration of the unit’s human resources activities through ERP systems, Builds job openings for consultant and contractors recruitment; Enters maintains and certifies administrative data and records.

Sustainability: Ability to return to a restorative level of functioning using compensatory/coping mechanisms (Resiliency); Ability to remain calm to actual or potential stressors that may adversely affect client outcomes (Vulnerability); Ability to maintain steady-state equilibrium (Stability); Ability to avoid entanglement of two or more systems (Complexity); Ability to perform administrative functions e.g. technical, fiscal, personal, psychological, and social resources to handle the client’s situation (Resource availability); Ability to engage in aspects of care (Participation in duty of care); Ability to engage in decision making (Participation in decision making); Ability to ensure course of events (Predictability).

Efficiency: Develops clear goals that are consistent with agreed strategies; Identifies priority activities and assignments; Adjusts priorities as required; Monitors and adjusts plans and actions as necessary; Uses time efficiently.
Planning: Takes ownership of all responsibilities and honors commitments; Delivers outputs for which one has responsibility within prescribed time, cost and quality standards.
Transparency: Operates in compliance with organizational regulations and rules; Supports subordinates, provides oversight and takes responsibility for delegated assignments; Takes personal responsibility for his/her own shortcomings and those of the work unit, where applicable.

High school diploma or equivalent is required. Additional training in Office administration, office management, project management or other related field is desirable. Certification in Microsoft Excel is required.

Work Experience
A minimum of two years of progressively responsible work experience in administrative support services is required.
At least 2 years of work experience in medical administration OR human resource administration is required.
At least 2 years of working experience with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems is required.
Training in, and experience working with Excel or Spreadsheets is required.
Experience working with or providing support to a diverse team is desirable.

English and French are the working languages of the Kinghorne Limited Secretariat. For this position, fluency in English and Kiswahili/Swahili (both oral and written) is required. Knowledge of other local languages of Kenya would be an asset, especially for liaising with various local officials.

Agility – Carefully craft your leadership narrative to share your optimism and hope for workers, customers, suppliers and partners.
Deft negotiation – Commit to unprecedented level of international partnersip on trade finance ecosystem.
Legal mind – Dynamic corporate governance in structural agile co-innovation.
Speed – Manager at the front line with time, energy and health.

Evaluation of qualified candidates may include an assessment exercise which may be followed by competency-based interview.

Special Notice
Appointment against this post is for an initial period of one year and may be subject to extension. Appointment against this post is on a local basis.
All applicants are strongly encouraged to apply on-line: as soon as possible after the job opening has been posted and well before the deadline stated in the job opening. On-line applications will be acknowledged where an email address has been provided. For more information:

Kinghorne Limited Considerations
We value true faith that gains the pearl of the world whose wisdom, power, guidance and security lead to immense peace in important, not urgent realm of lives and livelihoods.
According to Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species, the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself. Thus, at Kinghorne our greatest liabilities are ignorance (factual, objectual and technical), superstition (irrational and supernatural e.g. rumour and stigma, including race, culture, health, gender, intelligence) and fear (ill-health, poverty, criticism, loss of love, old age). And our greatest assets are facts, reason and solidarity – the capacity to use the grace our Organizational Intelligence and Organizational Structure to strategically adapt our personality to our environment in decision-making, as we enter the grace of life to become more effective stewards in God’s efficient time and chance.

No Fee