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Milestone 2001-2010

June 8, 2003
The Law of Attraction and Manifestation: Kennedy Adongo at St. Teresa’s Opanga Secondary during scholastic festivals and organized outdoor activities by youth organizations; a blue-sky day anchoring the formulation of the Economic laws by King, developed through earned value contracting and announced by a blast on a horn to directly deal with a special impact on the ownership and management of land, fairness and equity to both creditor and debtor, property, and property rights.

This vision to leverage, lead and give life to the world was a value upgrade from a young statesman {Kennedy} who buys six rabbits, five does and a buck and sells them to molecular biology researchers in Ahero hoping to contribute the money to the government to catalyze finance and cost management in the construction of Koru-Soin dam. By acting as a sediment trap, the dam will reduce sediment loading and deposition downstream, which is the main cause of flooding from the Nyando River and promote innovative mechanization to boost rice production as a profitable venture with a vibrant farmers’ cooperative union comprising more active private individuals, professional bodies, farmers and business associations, church groups, ethnic organizations and research institutions at the policy making stage, policy implementation stage and policy outcome stage, as opposed to inadequate infrastructure, an inefficient marketing system, low prices, poor technology, expensive farm inputs and equipment, inadequate credit support for growers, growing economic precarity for workers and inefficient management due to corruption and inefficiency in decision-making, policy-making and advocating for local value and global vision’s businesses.

This historical memory of the past with failures in political and military relations, lost opportunities to transform the livelihoods and economic diplomacy, and the future which held no bright social and moral [Under state statutory and common law, officers and board members are fiduciaries and must act in accordance with the fiduciary duties of care, loyalty, and obedience] prospects, functions as a powerful influence upon present patience thinking and future tolerance action; people’s only source of true life and Weekly Market progress in Equities, Bonds, Forex and Commodities. The whole aim is simply the reestablishment of the original situation of reciprocal love between God of inexhaustible kindness and gratitude people in their journey and destiny of personal and corporate banking (Ecclesiastes 11:1-6). That is what statesmanship requires of a patriotic leader; to be creative and self-transform with full out value of direct democracy, feminism and ecology.

March 7, 2008
The Drama, Education, and the Politics of Parity: from vision to mission in mentoring Mwenje Mixed Secondary leadership for posterity conference in Nyahururu.

Kennedy Adongo, then the vice-chairman of the Moi University Peer Counselling Training Programme, awareness-raising events on sustainable building design, renewable energy, water bottle re-use, locally produced food, waste disposal, green transport with universality, innovation, integration, and human rights and equity themes: “Leadership, Innovation, Creative Industry, Entrepreneurship and Mobility” i.e. strategic mentoring for discipline, knowledge, decency and dignity in (i) Education: data-based, dynamic, explicit outcomes, fully articulated, realistic, future-oriented, and world class-focused; (ii) Personal development: self-disclosure, self-knowledge, and self-understanding; (iii) Projects: agri-tech, innovation, hotel and conferences, horizontal infrastructure, energy mapping, industrial drives systems, digital factory, power generation controls, switchgear devices, bio-resources design and manufacturing, cardiology, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, technology assisted learning, oncology, robotic engineering, financial engineering, software engineering; (iv) Personal factors: preference, habits, ethnic heritage, tradition, values, emotional comfort, availability, convenience, economy, image, medical conditions, and nutrition; (v) Vocational and Technical Training and University Education and Research Career Fair: quality, research and institutional culture; (vi) Gender Marker Intervention: educate, train, debate, network, advocate; (vii) Global Change of Government: the role of research in policy reforms, design issues, political economy issues, the discipline and competence of the bureaucracy, the efficiency with which information is collected, decision-making is organized, tasks are allocated among implementing agencies, the quality of personnel, the integrity and transparency of financial workings of the government, including audit functions, value of the deep state , and the degree of delegation of responsibilities.

March 8, 2008
The Value-Focus Declaration: from mission to ideas at the St. Augustine’s Egerton University. “God’s Response (Habakkuk 2:2) – Then the Lord answered me and said: Write down the vision; Make it plain upon tablets, so that the one who reads it may run”,  to: (a) enable hi-tech manufacturing functionality; (b) boost a robust corporate governance structure which focuses on performance management, professional development and succession planning; (c) protect intellectual property and the genetic resources of the communities; (d) increase business investment and multiplier retail occupations effects both on the national economy and on households; (e) enhance viability and indeed the benefits of globalisation both as a concept and as a tool for promoting trade, development and movement of capital and resources; (f) establish systems of environmental impact assessment, audit and monitoring to offer a posterity like the stars of heaven; (g) analyze and assess bilateral trade and investment agreements aimed at opening markets and lower import duties; (h) create new opportunities and improve cultural and economic integration within the African continent and across the globe; and (i) capture the digital realm where the exchange of ideas and innovation for carbon emissions fall.

Signed at the Egerton University Botanic Garden on March 8, 2008, the Declaration changed our view of priorities for the public good: technology for professionals to work from home, decent livelihoods, as well as health insurance or paid leave for parents of premature babies and adjunct professors, flood relief, build reserves and conserve capital, business given budget incentives to hold resilience stocks of goods and parts in order to protect supply chains, intelligent strategic choices in spending levels, borrowing and taxation policies to boost integration, a monetary unified currency union, a customs union, common market, and political federation.

Milestones 2011-2020

June 8, 2012
Performance management, professional development and succession planning: from registration of the Kinghorne Company to Kinghorne branding, marketing and public relations for partner productivity and capturing market share while conserving forests, protecting wildlife and empowering communities.

The General Assembly nominated Kennedy Adongo as the Secretary General and also doubling up as the Director, Country Cooperation and Strategy, D2, to root our public and private discourse in safe, innovative, resilient, inclusive and sustainable manufacturing and technology covering four priority intervention areas: policy, legal and institutional frameworks; long-term plans for the organization; resource allocations and capital investments; and risk management and internal controls. As the chief manager, supervisor and administrator of Kinghorne assets, Kennedy determined financial provisions for capital, expenditure and reserve of the Company. He was mandated to spearhead collaborations and linkages with other bodies or organizations, also receives grants, donations or endowments on behalf of the Company. One of his most significant accomplishments was the Kinghorne Code, which gives constitutionalism to the macroeconomic policy convergence; free movement of persons; peace, security, stability and governance; harmonization of sectoral policies; media spotlight; and momentum to high-level financial security. The themes which interest Kinghorne are related to the establishment and maintenance of institutions i.e. Kinghorne lays the foundations of the local value, and fashions innovations in politics within the global vision e.g. strengthening industrial supply lines to nurture more homegrown technology, boost domestic consumption and mitigate climate change.

June 11, 2012
At the South Nyanza Sugar Company Limited Women’s Parlor, Miss Lilian Ogada was appointed as the international trade secretary and the company Vice President of Retail Programme Management, CR Strategy and Projects. Through our innovative top-quality products within our Healthcare, Life Science and Performance Materials business sectors, she helps make it easier to do business with our friends across the pond, resolving global challenges while also bolstering our own financial performance in cooperation with business leaders, regulators, policymakers and officials in Department for International Trade (DIT) . Within delegated authority, Lilian is responsible for the following duties: Develops, implements and evaluates health programmes in ischemic heart disease or coronary artery disease; stroke; lower respiratory infections, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; trachea, bronchus, and lung cancers; diabetes mellitus; alzheimer’s disease and other dementias; dehydration due to diarrheal diseases; tuberculosis; and cirrhosis. The takeaway: a good approach to lowering your risk of any of these conditions is to live a healthy lifestyle with good nutrition and exercise; avoiding smoking and drinking in moderation can also help; and for bacterial or viral infections, proper hand washing can help prevent or reduce your risk. 

Milestones 2021-2030

Kinghorne is co-operating in big data aimed at boosting a convention and leadership centre, an innovation and botanical garden, drug manufacturing, university of life science college of pharmacy; development of cancer treatment, antibody-based therapies, treatment of rare illnesses, prophylactic vaccines and management centre.

Thanks valued client. Kinghorne is your sustainable servant and progressive representative.