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Retail Operations

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A. Sustainable Goods and Services

 Fashion apparel, jewelry and accessories, books, home furnishings, lighting products, bath textiles and accessories, bedding, home fragrance products, small leather good, and bottled spring water.
 Lifestyle Collection of a high-end designer-fashion and cosmetics line includes fragrances, footwear, handbags, and outerwear and eyewear.
 Skilled Traders in auto industry, tailoring, carpentry, general construction, plumbing, pipe fitting, electrical and electronic control systems, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration, metal work and masonry.

B. Development Innovation Ventures

 Infrastructure
 Procurement
 Project management
 Human resources
 Financial management

C. Kinghorne Valued Consultancy

• One on One Meetings
• Workshops & Trainings
• Panels & Roundtables
• Networking Cocktails
• Exhibition
• Match – Making Session
• Field Trade Missions

D. Capacity building

Agriculture and Life Sciences: animal and veterinary science, food and health science, agribusiness and rural studies, agriculture and environment.
Investment and Enterprise: business planning, costing, buying, stock control, marketing, record keeping
Sustainable Financial Literacy: budgeting, savings, debt management, financial services, risk management, international business, feasibility study
 Farmer education: forage breeding and food processing, brewing microbes through precision fermentation
Sustainable Lifestyles and Education: resource efficiency and biodiversity conservation, climate change mitigation and adaptation, self-awareness and personal growth, life skills and soft skills, poverty eradication and social well-being
Sustainable buildings and construction: buildings and construction policy, sustainable housing, health and safety, innovation and cooperation, building supply chain, climate resilience construction, building natural capital
International Environmental Law and Governance: constitutional environmental law, international environmental law-making and diplomacy review, policies for sustainable accessibility and mobility in urban areas, mainstreaming environment and climate for poverty reduction and sustainable development, the cost of gender gap in agricultural productivity, trade in renewable energy, enforcement of and compliance with MEAs, legal instruments in international environmental law, environmental governance and diplomacy
Ecosystem management: replenishing ecosystems with rainwater, water policy, reducing carbon emissions from forests, science-policy interface for biodiversity and ecosystems, restoring a lifeline in the lake and river
Sustainable consumption and production: air, biosafety, chemicals and waste, climate change, disasters and conflicts, ecosystems, education and environment, green economy, circular economy, gender, resource efficiency
Sustainable Community Development: tourism boosts, community aesthetics, energy efficiency, reduced environmental impact, public use efficiency, better work-life trade-offs, reduced costs, increased income
Sustainable Criminal Justice: international law, legal writing, litigation, legal compliance, international development, public policy, government issues, minority issues and international relations.
Aurenotical and astronautical: flying an aircraft, helicopters, military jets, space travel
Media and communication: creating concepts for TV and radio, advertising, creative campaign ideas, communication strategy, PR and branding
Collaborating, Learning & Adapting (CLA): promote the adoption and implementation of cooperative legislation and policies that support and strengthen cooperative businesses (CBs), strengthen the business acumen and performance of CBs while integrating and empowering youth and women within CBs structures in targeted urban and peri-urban markets in order to increase economic participation and county revenue growth, and improve understanding of the psychosocial behavioral impacts associated with membership in CBs in order to determine whether those behaviors contribute positively to household and community resilience strategies.
Healthcare systems: supply chain, staffing, healthcare financing, and innovations and technology
Marketing in export/import business: product policy, pricing policy, product promotion policy, distribution network, market research, financing
Broad market screening: potential needs analysis, financial & economic forces, political & legal forces, socio-cultural forces, competitive forces
Gender mainstreaming: design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation
Counseling and Student Affairs: social action and advocacy, preparing graduates to provide highly competent and culturally aware services, providing clinical and educational experiences that meet or exceed national accreditation standards, ensuring that graduates have credentials necessary to qualify for certification and licensure, linkages, and promoting the continued education of counselors and student affairs personnel
Project Management Fundamentals: initiating a project, planning a project, building a project schedule, running a project, closing a project

Thanks valued client. Kinghorne is your sustainable servant and progressive representative.