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Value Based Business Models

We welcome this opportunity to present the following audit & assurance, tax and business advisory services to you.

1. Audit & Assurance Services

Kinghorne’s audit & assurance services include:

i. Statutory Audits.
ii. Special/Independent Reviews.
iii. Project Audits.
iv.Agreed Upon/Limited Scope Audits.
v. Financial Reporting/Returns to Regulators and Other Third Parties.
vi. Internal Audit.

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       2. Tax Services
Kinghorne’s innovative tax solutions include:
i. Computation and Filing of Corporate Taxes.

ii. Value Added Tax (VAT) Services
iii. Customs and Excise Duty Services
iv. Processing and Follow up for Tax Refunds
v. Processing of stamp duty payments
vi. Processing and Filing Personal Tax

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3. Business Advisory Services

Kinghorne’s transformative business advisory services:
i. Business Support Solutions
ii. Finance and Accountancy Advisory Solutions
iii. Tax Advisory Solutions
iv. Family Business Solutions
v. Enterprise Risk and Compliance Solutions
vi. Corporate Finance Services
vii.Transaction Services
viii. Corporate Recovery & Restructuring.

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  Mastering Public Speaking, Presentations and Story Telling


Topics include:

  • Describe the components of a great presentation.
  • Identify your audience.
  • Explain the main objective in a persuasive presentation.
  • List basic vocal warm-up tips.
  • Manage pre-performance anxiety.
  • Identify effective ways to introduce your agenda.
  • Describe common opening mistakes.
  • Demonstrate effective body language.
  • Identify indicators of helpful feedback.


Topics include:
• Managing the intent-impact gap
• Designing the content of your message
• Improving vocal delivery
• Adjusting your body language
• Being politically savvy
• Listening to what’s said, what’s unsaid, and how it’s said
• Increasing empathy and trust
• Overcoming anxiety

Finance, Budgeting & Cost Control Skills that every Manager requires to become an effective member of the corporate team

Learning with Leisure:
• Enhance knowledge on Finance, Activity Based Budgeting and Cost Control
• Boost staff morale, motivate staff to increase productivity and share experiences on tips for wastage reduction
• Meet and Interact with experienced and exposed Budget & Cost Controllers from Kenya and the region.

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