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1. Agribusiness: Kinghorne is enhancing food safety and green production by using isotopes and radiation techniques to combat pests and diseases, increase crop production, protect land and water resources, ensure food safety, and increase livestock production; biosensors, lateral flow, immunoassay test kits, integrated molecule DNA micro devices; nanotechnology in food production and packaging, nutrients and dietary supplements, food storage; and food nanosensors to detect food contamination and environment. Kinghorne sustainably enhances mechanics of the technologically advanced food production methods such as system of crop intensification, state-of-the-art urban aquaponic farm, and hydroponic food labs. Our work spans forestry, horticulture, agriculture, the natural environment, animal husbandry and entomology issues of the carbon footprint of using high amounts of energy amid efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Kinghorne is producing only leafy greens and not higher-calorie crops, pesticide-free and moving from the traditional horse and tractor agriculture that is steadily destroying the planet to a more sustainable approach ofintegrated with development planning and accounting, particularly training Business Service Providers (BSPs) including agro dealers and veterinarians in business planning and national development, financial management, embedded service delivery, marketing, after-sales service, cash learning partnership workshop, gender/youth in business and natural resource management in relation to wider landscapes and seascapes and the implementation of exact, natural, economic and social sciences biodiversity related Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs), including providing information for: i) Beekeepers – to ensure the presence of plants providing nectar and pollen year round and plants useful for beekeeping, such as making and baiting hives, and using in smokers. ii) Farmers – so that they can plant species that will encourage bees and also pollinate their crops. iii) WRUAs (Water resource users associations) and CFAs (Community Forest Associations) – to optimize their water basins and community forests for beekeeping and to ensure pollination. iv) Researchers, NGOs and service providers – researching or promoting water-wise agroforestry, agriculture and apiculture. v) Nursery owners – so they can grow seedlings of interest to beekeepers and farmers. Mantra: Value-Forward Accelerator.

2. Finance: Thinking and acting on the global financial system: the institutions, currencies and payment tools that dictate how the invisible liquidity is feeding the real economy flows around the world. We provide innovative and sustainable solutions to equities, bonds and forex exchange by doing the following tasks: (i) Applying tech to well-established industries like finance and commerce. (ii) Focusing on making sure companies are adequately capitalized, have the liquidity to meet immediate cash needs and can retain the flexibility to catch a business rebound, if and when it comes. (iii) Availability of capital and the appetite for long-term investments. (iv) Good job in reducing the non-core bank and a relatively good job on the cost-cutting programme. (v) Redistribution of money flows and budget preservation. (vi) Boosting stagnating living standards. (vii) Tech revolution and globalization. (viii) Preparing to list shares on the stock market. (ix) More financial resources and high margins to smallest operators at reduced risk. (x) A range of grants and tax relief. (xi) Pragmatic regulation, especially on fund management and venture capital. (xii) Fintech and technology investments. (xiii) Intraregional investment spending. (xiv) Important investment target, especially in research and development projects. (xv) Seeing rapid growth in renewable energy, hotels and tourism, and real estate sectors. (xvi) For investors, identifying strategic assets for medium and long-term investment will be vital. (xvii) Businesses in artificial intelligence, cyber, digital technology and cloud computing. (xviii) Using the technology for shopping, for social life, for entertainment and for business. xix) As a way of funding programmes to protect the economies. (xx) A curated menu of exclusive news, crisp analysis, smart data and the latest tech buzz. Mantra: Value return on ventures.

3. Education: The Kinghorne is designed to become an innovative and sustainable centre for advanced research with six facilities that address integrated social justice, ecological sustainability and economic viability issues in today’s society: bio-healthcare; astrophysics and planetary science; coral reef restoration; precision farming and regenerative technology; smart city; and mobility and robotics. The idea behind Research and Development (R&D) programmes is to create a firm dedicated to research and innovation (the fields will be: molecular biology, robotics, IT, manufacturing, agriculture, blue economy, etc) where academic institutions and research centres meet, along with big multinational corporations and the new generations of young students, researchers, and professors who will enable enterprise, create wealth for shareholders, scale-up youth investment coordination, children development, women cooperation agency, give back to communities, and empower academics, policy thinkers, corporate and public leaders. We are offering to support sustainable youth employment and quality education programmes through competency and skill-based training, namely: (i) Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), drone and data academy, and big data and analytics (including predictive analytics), to allow organizations to create new customer experiences and new sales models, testing 5G networks and advanced fast-forward robotic technologies, including educational kids robot and a Robocop, developing technology-intensive and high-tech industries in ICT, biotechnology and e-commerce, expansion of infrastructure, education and capacity building, trade facilitation and investment, agricultural modernization, industrial promotion and energy connectivity in special economic zones (EPZ). The company’s Intelligent System Design strategy helps customers develop differentiated products – from chips to boards to intelligent systems – in mobile, consumer, cloud, data center, automotive, aerospace, IoT, industrial and other market segments. We work by ingesting structured data, such as historical sales and promotion data, external data such as the weather, rainfall and traffic, and unstructured data like social media and images. These data sets are analyzed and fed into a machine learning engine for automatic modeling. (ii) Space Science and Technology Education. (iii) Sports Science and Financial Education. (iv) Massive Open Online Course. (v) Curricula Sourcebooks. (vi) Signing relevant agreements, including in the financial and technical sector, virtual university and e-learning, increased employment and industrial competence as envisioned by college cost and family finances.  Mantra: To your own value be true.

4. Communication: Kinghorne operates as an electronic and communication service provider in: 1.) Media: including Television Specials, radio podcasts, video teleconferencing, web series, voicing cartoons, short films and series, print and social media. 2.) Advocacy: tackling policies to enable social change. 3.) Social mobilization: engaging with groups in social, economic and environmental trends and emerging issues. 4.) Cable infrastructures. 5.) Newsletters, etc. Mantra: Report the Value truth or facts accurately.

5. Health: Kinghorne is bolstering the resilience of critical industrial supplies ranging from pharmaceutical ingredients to raw materials used in advanced batteries. We review the reliability of its supply chains, diversify its sources and cut the risk of interruptions, while also building domestic capacity in crucial sectors including pharmaceuticals, in particular, for critical medical equipment as well as some pharmaceutical ingredients such as antibiotic drugs, cooperating with policymakers to find ways of boosting domestic industry. We are stockpiling strategic reserves of some medicines or set up other mechanisms to improve its pandemic readiness. Review price regulatory frameworks and strategies to cover the higher costs of production or creating excess emergency capacity in factories. Finances the manufacture of new drugs to speed the response to pandemic influenza and emerging infectious diseases. Boosts domestic industrial capacity. Securing supplies of critical raw materials including lithium, cobalt [used in permanent magnets required in electric vehicles, robots or wind generators] and rare-earth metals used in high-tech industrial goods. Encouraging investment in domestic exploration and mining, while forge a strategic trade agenda to build sustainable partnerships and integration. In time and effort, do big industrial policy in Food and Drug Administration Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research. Kinghorne’s Health and Human Services Secretary major job during an outbreak is to speed the development of diagnostics for detecting the infectious agent, vaccines to prevent people from catching it, and drugs to treat those who fall ill. Kinghorne is an Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. We leverage an optimistic attitude, balanced nutrition, adequate sleep and proper exercise based on biological, physiological, environmental, psychological, behavioral, and social processes. We work on an extensive range of products and services, not limited to: a) Supplements. b) Health foods. c) Pharmaceuticals – a research-based biopharmaceutical company. d) Medical devices. e) Inoculations. Mantra: Value medicare for all.

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