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Why Kinghorne?

Trade, Technology, Geopolitics, Climate Change

A “name” is the future earned value “breath” to make a value-focus run. Kinghorne stems from three Hebrew words that founder Kennedy Adongo and his friend Wilfred Gose found when searching for a company name to rebuild a more stable, secure and sustainable society. First, “King” means a sustainable servant. Second, “Horn” means a progressive representative. Third, “E” means independent cooperation; our direction and strength of association in science, arts and technology. As they say, Kinghorne can be thought to mean “a sustainable servant and progressive representative,” with an “independent” standalone earned value path plan, and “cooperation” as a business model.

Kinghorne’s Finance or Procurement path-independent is AFECH: a technical equation equation of means to ends; a 5 strategically package of standalones business units: agribusiness, finance, education, communication and health; founded on 8 June Whit Sunday 2003. 

Kennedy Adongo the founder and its first chairman owned the first 80 percent of the company’s shares worth 20000 Kenyan Shilling from some of his savings and monetary gifts given to him by his family on special days such as birthdays and Christmas, as his seed capital during the onset of his childhood rabbit business, which later inspired the Kinghorne dream as an independent way to a significant value in life and policy which serve four fundamental needs — trust, stability, compassion and hope for workers, customers, suppliers and partners.

Kinghorne is a wrinkle in time for immense investments in mutual prosperity, security and stability, sustainable development, climate change, and people to people. Kinghorne is fashioning a strong economic, social and environmental footprint. Kinghorne is redesigning service values to the gears of climate change, technology, geopolitics and financial markets. Kinghorne focuses on art, culture, science and technology ‘domain generalists and specialists’ for value optimization. Kinghorne is a pendant for self-sufficient and self-innovating cultures; tech advantage and shrewd marketing; self-nurturing and self-propagating; liberty and fraternity; long-tern sustainability, not debt in quality control, standards and assurance. It is the transformation of manufacturing and technology business and cultural connection. Much of the performance has to do with the formulation, actual interpretation and implementation of policies that give life to integrated social justice – ecological sustainability – economic viability.

Kinghorne is like a value optimized B corporation which balances purpose and profit. Kinghorne in line with the Kenya’s comparative advantage by UN Global Compact, South-North, South-South and Triangular collaboration in the long-term. Kinghorne is a bridging technology for the transition of the electricity system with significant potential to reduce CO2 emission in the mobility and heating sectors. One potential area is the East African Community (EAC); enhancing Kenya’s competency to spur a global hub of innovation ecosystem in 5-100 years (2000-2100 growth agenda). Kinghorne’s short and medium-term outlook is particularly leveraging Capital Markets for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and catalyzing extensive fiscal space to stimulate domestic capital market.

‘The Kinghorne Value Fund’ – a financial award to finest innovators; for making lifestyles inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable in a well-defined rules of succession, negotiated methods, careful assessment of personal constructs, collaborating societies, highly developed intelligence system, brilliance in organization, deal as equals, and modernizing tendencies where men in history rise from the lowest stratum of the society to positions of greatness and then live in sustainable substance and style as they build capacity to transfer knowledge into policy and practice on youth leadership in science, health, gender and education programmes that advance teaching, learning and research in specific regions contributing to equitable investment in the next generation as young leaders who would be thinking  and acting on the global financial system: the institutions, currencies and payment tools that dictate how the invisible liquidity feeding the real economy flows around the world.

The Kinghorne was registered Kinghorne on 8th June 2012 by a co-opted member, Wilfred Gose [domain generalist in civil engineering and specialist in artificial intelligence, 3D printing and nanotechnology and various financial, business and retail concept]. The Kinghorne’s outlook underwent an enlargement in time and chance. When Kinghorne thought, having attained a consciousness of itself and its own worth, set out to rebuild the world, it embarked on adventure whose development was too vast to fall within the view of a single generation, and yet its consciousness of its own mission “a more stable, secure and sustainable society” gave it a conviction of the essential unity of that development. Betsy Ochia [domain generalist in commerce and specialist in product policy, pricing policy, product promotion policy, distribution network, market research, financing] joined as the Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing at Kinghorne Limited. While there, her full mandate was to control and oversee the business’ operations, employees, and ventures such as e-commerce platforms for consumers.

The independent international eminent mastermind team who acted as the respectable frontmen for the Kinghorne integration and regional development in its formation included: Denish Nyaugu [domain generalist in education technology and specialist in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, supply chain, staffing, education financing, and innovations and technology], Charles Olunga [domain generalist in automotive engineering and specialist in industrial organization and management], Victor Okeyo [domain generalist in economics and specialist in Innovation & Change, Coaching, Mentoring, Entrepreneurship, Innovation Leadership], Lilian Ogada [domain generalist in clinical medicine and specialist in infrastructure, procurement, project management, human resources and financial management] and Kennedy Adongo [domain generalist in international studies and in specialist diplomacy, international relations, trade and international business, environmental policy and governance, international law and political economy]. These were the great innovating geniuses and the 21st century giants who triumphed over the mind that tended to harden and narrow itself in its anti-cooperation. Men of stature [Male and female God created them, blessed them and named them Man, they were the heroes of the establishment and maintenance of emancipation trade and investment institutions, men of renown in industrial cooperation for infrastructure and manufacturing – Genesis 5:2.6:4]. Denish as the Company Secretary who oversaw the tech advantage and shrewd marketing. Victor was in-charge of the long-term sustainability, not debt. Charles was in-charge of cooperation. Lilian was to oversee programme budget and financial forecasts. Kennedy assumed the role of good international framework conditions through trade policy and political-commercial advice; building of company’s original web which since been reviewed, evaluated and approved by shareholders and stakeholders several times, making up the pages of retail operations, milestone, resources, join us, where we work, what we do, home,  and why Kinghorne which includes background, message, relevance, divisions, and strategic plan, budget system, staff codes and constitution – separate documents summarized here as below by our prayer, logo, shield, flag, motto, blueprint and anthem:

A Dollar Billionaire Prayer

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+God, this is the day of care, loyalty and obedience that you have made, we shall rejoice and be glad in it as the Kinghorne community. Give us the value to leverage, lead and give inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable life to the world. We commit our leadership, creative industry, entrepreneurship and mobility into your cooperative hands. May we always catalyze and impact universality, innovation, integration, human rights and equity, as we rebuild the nature and the people through art, culture, science and technology. St. Catherine of Siena, pray for us to be God’s true representatives and servants in agribusiness, finance, education, communication and health programmes. Amen+

The Logo
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is logo-1024x848.jpg1. The globe shows that Kinghorne is a universal, innovative and integrated system, filtered through a lens of cultural competency, foreign and defence policy and national security strategy – harnessing new technologies and new ways of thinking of investing in organizing on diverse economy.
2. The blue and yellow monarch butterfly effects represent robust and holistic semiconductors, avionics, medical equipment, and pharmaceuticals ripple effect systems as the slogan ‘service and volunteerism to the community and business’; super-fast corporate governance system change, a stellar star leadership for posterity. Kinghorne is pro-worker, pro- family, pro-growth, and most importantly, pro-nature.
3. The blue colour of the globe shows ‘consistency, finances, structures’ for people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership. As St. Catherine of Siena would put it “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire:” Kinghorne arose like a fire, and is making good use of retail, manufacturing, tech, service, professional services, private education, and food and beverage production as a force for good, including giving the victims food and water, clothing, and providing them a safe and comfortable place to sleep; creating meaningful work and inclusive workplaces; building a systemic effect on environmental preservation; innovation; well-managed, profitable and resilient brand identity differentiation, powerful social media appeal, lineups of potential millennial employees and membership in a club whose members seek to do business with each other; grassroots organizations and initiatives that support social-purpose entrepreneurs; designing the multichannel company that sells nontoxic beauty products online, in retail stores and through a network of consultants who sell products through social gatherings, one-on-one meetings and unique codes for online shopping; and having an expanded purpose beyond maximizing share value to explicitly include general and specific public benefit via corporate purpose, accountability, and transparency.
4. The deer and the eagle represent the Kinghorne anthem ‘Full Value’, meaning the strength of Kinghorne is that its investment, trade and industry feet are as swift as those of deer and enables it to tread upon the heights of reward of life. For the economic and political leader; soars on eagle’s wings that anchor resilient innovation and sustainability for local value and global vision. Kinghorne anthem is a stirring song heralding peace and freedom and perfectly in line with the principles of the UN, AU, EAC, and Kenya’s anthems.

The Shield

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The mission is rebuilding the business and the people. The goal is the reestablishment of a strong state of natural resources. Both the shareholder and the stakeholder are concerned with resuming the work of building a high definite life purpose, safety of the community and the protection of the families; all of which requires formulating national scientific research and technology policies, improving the quality of education and building a knowledge society, raising levels of investment in research and development and innovation, promoting regional cooperation, supporting the establishment of an international mechanism for facilitating the development, transfer and diffusion of environmentally sound and clean technology. The objective is for gaining the motivation and strength that are needed for a lifetime of steadfast love. The agenda is that children are being educated from the very beginning to assume responsibility for putting up their own business, using their own resources by contributing money and labour to this work without external help. This material cooperation is restoring the community that we care for, loyal to and obey. This is a call to be strong and work forward to innovation and sustainability, as a signet ring that has being chosen for future hope in reconsidering the current forms of cooperation in technology transfer, indigenization and financing as a staff to distribute to every man and every woman: a loaf of bread, a portion date, and a piece of raisin cake.

The pendant, tapering or emancipation flag

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1. The green colour is representing conviction in objective one ‘to encourage trade and investment’ i.e. green for independent and ordered in building productive alliances in skills and education; science and research; innovation and entrepreneurship; defence and security; and arts, culture and sports.
2. The white colour is representing conviction in objective two ‘to support peace and security’ i.e. white for unity in working together for equality and inclusivity. Kinghorne believes in the rationality of people and their capacity to make intelligent choices and meaning decisions.
3. The dark blue colour is representing conviction in objective three ‘to strengthen mutual democratic institutions’ i.e. dark blue for definite and determinate in reducing extreme poverty and creating a more prosperous, safer and healthier nations, by building stability, tackling inequality and strengthening government systems and institutions. The Kinghorne’s business is to paint the doings and manners of men and women.
4. The black colour is representing conviction in objective four ‘to promote sustainable progressive development’ i.e. black for permanence and originality in increasing breadth and strength, boosting growth and improving living standards. What chiefly interest us is the events themselves.
5.The yellow colour is representing conviction in objective five ‘to adapt climate change solutions’ i.e. yellow for triumph of time and truth in demonstrating global leadership on climate and environmental issues, by deploying expertise on climate finance, resilience and adaptation, renewable energy, biodiversity, and science and technology; creating green jobs; and facilitating peer learning.

The Motto

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‘Service Values’ means value optimizationin leadership, innovation, creative industry, entrepreneurship and mobility. It isthe basis for our absolute advantage, comparative advantage and mechanical advantage as weclose the opportunity gap through research for an easier, cheaper, faster and more efficient service deliverytowards happier, flourishing and sustainable future for the generations to come. The value of Kinghorne lies in its power of training individual statesmen and stateswomen to conduct the affairs of their own community with skill and success.

The Blueprint

Kinghorne blueprint is a lighthouse bursts of gamma rays emanating from one of the fastest-spinning stars in the galaxy of new kind of business and residential community, massive workplace-manufacturing hybrids, implementing new technologies, more eco-efficient developments, an urban ecosystem where nature and city are intertwined and act as one organism, abundance of greenery to depollute the surrounding environment, reforest a sand quarry for hotels, new public parks and private gardens, green roofs and green facades, a huge shopping mall, plant-covered skycrapers, big data management, energy management of the mechanical systems, water gardens, desalination tower, restaurants and shops, entertainment, arts and culture and sports complex. We have Projects to intervene with Famine and droughts affecting people in our region. We have water projects such as drilling of boreholes and water storage tanks. We have projects doing Agricultural activities such as hydroponic farming, irrigation systems, keeping of breed animals, Pigs, Poultry and Rabbits. We have projects of constructions of houses, schools and dispensaries. We have projects for offering assistance to buy school vehicles, ambulance for dispensaries and rehabilitation centre. We have projects promoting peace, stability, security and reconciliation by offering curriculum that is enriched with innovation and entrepreneurship modules and practice, and power-house of co-curricular activities. We have projects providing scientific and technical support to communities, municipalities and government on identifying optimal green innovative solutions and incorporating these into decision‐making and budgetary allocation processes.We have projects for the transformation of overcrowded cities into green and dynamic centres, and landfills into platinum Recreational and Business Parks.We have projects planting the desert with cedar trees, acacias, myrtles, olives, bamboos, frankincense trees, carobs, cypresses, plane trees and box trees side by side for independent and progressive togetherness.We have programmes dedicated to the policies towards building and strengthening institutions in the study and debate of six pillars that are critical to African cultural diversity history and heritage, languages, arts, philosophies, social and political systems: structural economic transformation and inclusive growth; science, technology and innovation; people-centered development; environmental sustainability, natural resource management and disaster risk management; peace and security; and finance and partnerships for poverty alleviation, gender sensitivity, state development, macro policies, population, environmental and urban policies, national human resource planning, provision of social security, social development, welfare of children, care and empowerment of exceptional people, girls, youth, women and older persons.

The Anthem – Full Value

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I have zeal to sustain trade
I am a pic of universal cause
I adapt to climate path care
I set my afetch core as flint
Battle is not mine but of God
I press on to the open market
I innovate a sept for a value
I act as a spur to cooperate
My loyalty in equal is of law
God gives me rest on all side
I obey key asset of our peace
I am a just focus of security
I integrate a policy I unite
I am a full out supreme leader
Thank God I have done my duty

Full value means fair market value, full cash value, or such other value standard. As my father, Samuel Adongo, from the Kenya National Chamber Commerce and Industry on Kenya’s valued exports worldwide through Export Promotion Council would say: “Learn to fight, learn to take risk, and learn to have faith. Because we have to fight the good fight of faith to win credible and noble legacy. I am a fire producing blue flame in trade and investment. I believe people can easily buy food and medicine, go to hospitals and banks, or take trips related to the pediatric care of the young and the elderly from home. I believe in the availability of raw materials and ability to export. I believe I have the positive financial and productive economic opportunity to cushion schools, employers, employees, investors, industries, households and businesses. I believe in well equipped laboratories, the researchers are properly paid and the research well funded. I believe in early action and technology. I believe Microbial Ecology Journal, Marine biology, carbon draw-down capacity of algae blooms, as well as close-up market study, share and value. I believe in law and political economy. I believe am patriotic, compassionate, has the mettle and is helmet-headed to cause fundamental changes in policy, law, institutions and political economy. I believe Holy Spirit is my standard light in trade and investment. At this supreme moment, I believe the living Jesus goes with me in my heart, my one thought is the mission which I came upon earth to fulfill; until I can say truly, it is finished, I have fulfilled my duty. I believe with harps, lyres and trumpets, I shall always sing the classic: I give thanks to the Lord, whose love, suited to my lifestyle, endures forever. My will and resolution remain unchanged; I remain silent, patient and unafraid, I am not ignorant or superstitious, in order and respect I am determined to carry my state of affairs cross to the end of my journey, and in season and out of season, God will be my revenue streams judge in building a family empire that outlives me, for I believe in impact business innovation and sustainability I am a servant and a representative of the Gracious God.”

Thanks to my step-mom Esther Joel, you taught  us children: Rose, Joshua, Lillian, George, myself, Beryl, Elvince and Moses the best proverb; “Know Thyself” by the Oracle of Delphi or Socrates; shaping as an ambitious young man with a definite strategy. Know Thyself  means looking inward, examining your own ideas, thoughts, feelings to go the extra length in seeking answers. Your dream is your spear, shield, mirror, signet ring, cord, and staff in your hand to fight the good fight.To achieve your dreams, you must work hard and smart. No matter what people say, keep your eyes fixed on your dream and try to concentrate only on it. Avoid distractions. Let it be an adventure. It is not important whether you win or lose but keep on fighting the good fight. Mine Boy Novel by Peter Abrahams aptly put it: ‘You must find it. Out of your feeling and out of your pain it must come. Others have found it. You can too. But first you must think and not be afraid of your thoughts. And if you have questions and you look around you will find those who will answer them. But first you must know what you are going to fight and why and what you want. When you understand that you will be a man with freedom inside your breast. It is only those who are free inside who can help free those around them;’ for example, the RELEVANT, HELPFUL, and MOTIVATING next step to reinvigorate the economy with targeted retirement portfolio measures, so that industry, trade and commerce can get back into gear after depression, downturn and recessions in between, and market-proof benefits may help provide a smoother ride, so you can spend less time worrying about market conditions and more time on what matters most.

I quote from The Value of A Teacher by Kennedy Onyango Adongo (AuthorHouse Professional Self-Publishing Services, 2018): In the morning of 8th October 1996, my mother, Reene Migen, handed over the family bible to me and said this is your gift. Read Isaiah 57:14 “Build up, build up, prepare the way, and remove every obstruction from my people’s way.” I delivered you during the world’s devastating drought of 1984. Kennedy means an illustrious leader. As a matter of honour and principle make faith and love your breastplate and hope is your helmet. Be an Essential and a Sovereign man of the community who has the interest of the community at heart. She added: “Your life’s decisions should have only one aim: to strengthen trust in the rule of law and democracy.” For this she meant rebuilding a base of cash, which spreads across almost every sector of the economy from Nutrition and Biosciences to golf club, ecosystems and biodiversity, hydroponics, and focus on programmes that are vital in training and developing early career researchers whose scientific leadership will influence policies that promote the socio-economic development of the continent such as food security, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and fisheries, addressing water shortages to mitigate climate change, clean energy, antimicrobial resistance as well as maternal and child mortalities; it means adapt to change in financial capital, political capital, natural capital, human capital, moral capital, and/or social capital – countries with infrastructure, building codes, and well-resourced and coordinated emergency management agencies, countries with strong financial institutions and a robust social safety net.

Thanks valued client. Kinghorne is your sustainable servant and progressive representative.